9 Cute ‘n’ Creepy Clown Look To Try This Halloween

Feeling inspired by the new American Horror Story: Freak Show? Then ditch the classic kitty-cat look for something a little more creepy. We’ve got 9 clown makeup looks that will rock your striped socks off.

1. Harley Quinn Clown Makeup

Harley Quinn Clown Makeup

2. Circus Freak Clown Makeup

Circus Freak Clown Makeup

3. Cutesy Clown Makeup

Cutesy Clown Makeup

4. Pretty Clown Makeup

Pretty Clown Makeup

5. Cute Girly Clown Makeup

Cute Girly Clown Makeup

6. Cute and Girly Clown Makeup

Cute and Girly Clown Makeup

7. Pierrot the Clown Makeup

Pierrot the Clown Makeup

8. Cute Killer Clown Makeup

Cute Killer Clown Makeup

9. Classic Circus Clown Makeup

Classic Circus Clown Makeup

Source – divinecaroline


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